Hey there! My name is Joshua, I am 14 and from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am currently in 8th grade, I am a A/B average student. I am a internet wiz... i love the internet, especially web-design! I currently work as a web-designer and on my websites which I get paid for from advertisers. I am also a webmaster of Services, Inc., and I also enjoy listening to music, hanging out with friends, jumping on my trampoline, soccer, skateboarding, and all that other fun stuff. My best subject is of course computers, but I am also swift in science and history. I have 1 brother, Justin, he is 20 years of age. I love punk, and hard rock/core music (ex: MXPX, Blink182, Slipknot, Static X, System of a down, ect.) Funky-chickens is founded by a girl named Sara, I bought it off her.
I want you to know...
I plan to do many things with this website, just make it keep growing. I plan to change the colors and the layout here in the future (I bought it off a girl, meaning thats why the colors are "girly"). I probably won't answer a e-mail question that can be found on this website or in the FAQ, so please browse around before e-mailing me. This site is for you, not so much for me... but I will have some small ads pasted sometimes just so I can earn a little revenue to keep this site up! I hope everyone has a fun time, and learns something!
If you...
Don't take graphics for Funky-chickens off this website or the exact format, or I will kill you...just kidding! But seriously I ask of you really nicely not to :) If you take some HTML codes you don't have to link back, but it would be nice. If you ask to be linked, I will most likely say no... check out this! If you don't find a code here please try going to a search engine (ex: Yahoo!, Google, Altavista) and searching for what you need (ex: "How to put music on a site") and hopefully you will find results. If not... then e-mail me and I will try to help.
Have fun, and learn lots!
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